Women’s Human Rights

Why do we do it:

Women’s human rights and legal instruments focusing on gender justice are vital for women from the Central & Eastern European and Central Asian countries where the democratic mechanisms are not yet well grounded and both the decision makers as well as the social actors are characterized by a lack of awareness about gender equality standards. Even if the national laws correspond with the international women’s rights it is often that the laws are not implemented due to a lack of political will and/or appropriate procedures.


What do we want to achieve:

  • To raise awareness of the decision makers and other social actors about gender equality standards which are guaranteed in the international governments’ commitments (e.g. CEDAW Convention, Beijing Platform for Action, and EU gender equality legal standards and policies) in the Region.
  • To ensure an appropriate implementation of the international governments’ commitments via monitoring and lobbying at national and international levels.


How do we work:

The specific projects and activities within this programme include:

  • capacity building (e.g. on OP CEDAW)
  • advocacy and lobbying at national, regional and international levels (Central & Eastern European and Central Asian countries, ECE, EU, UN) for the needs and concerns of women in the Region
  •  strengthening the regional coalition and building alliances with other networks/NGOs at European and global levels to scale up the results in observing women’s rights

 The list of our past and current projects you can find in the Activities’ menu on the left.

If you have any questions regarding this programme please contact Aleksandra Solik at: aleksandra.solik@karat.org.pl