Польское правление КАРАТ

Организация,  зарегистрированная  в Польше, осуществляет свою деятельность в соответствии с польским законодательством. Деятельность включает в себя надзор зарегистрированного Правления КАРАТ (состоящего из граждан Польши). Польское Правление отличается от Международного Правления. Польское зарегистрированное Правление КАРАТ отвечает за формальное представление Коалиции КАРАТ в органах власти. Онo состоит из 4 избранных членов, которые являются гражданами Польши. Более подробную информацию о обязанностях и  полномочиях Польского Правления  можно найти в разделе Устав.

Izabela Michaliszyn

Izabela is a sociologist whose professional career is focused on human resources in the corporate sector. Currently she is employed by one of the leading head hunting firm operating in Poland. Izabela has been involved with KARAT for over ten years. Her involvement includes participation in the projects, advisory and support activities, as well as the governance duties.


Ewa Lisowska

 Ewa has a title of Doctor of economy and works in Warsaw School of Economics. She conducts the researches on women’s situation on labour market, women’s economic independence and women’s motivations for setting up their own business. Ewa is one of the founders of International Women’s Forum – an association of businesswomen; its president in years 1993-2006. She edits the magazin „Woman and Business” which is available in Polish and English version. Ewa is the author of the book „The women’s style of management”. She has been involved in KARAT’s activities since 1997.


Kinga Lohmann

Kinga initiated and co-founded KARAT Coalition, and has been working for KARAT since 1997. As an Executive Director Kinga is responsible for KARAT’s external relations at European and international levels, and for initiating new programmes and partnerships. She is also responsible for overall strategy and management of KARAT Coalition and KARAT Secretariat. Historian by training she had lived in West Africa for 14 years. As an activist involved in the women’s movement since 1995 she elaborated and co-edited several reports and numerous articles and papers presented at international conferences. She has been a member of a number of international and Polish advisory bodies on gender equality.


Aleksandra Solik

Aleksandra oficially joined KARAT Secretariat staff in 2006 but actually is a co-founder of KARAT Coalition and she was its Board Member from 2005 to 2007. Nowadays, she manages KARAT’s Women’s Rights Program and is involved in strategic decisions of KARAT Secretariat, and a development of new projects. Mechanical engineer by profession, she has been active in the women’s rights movement since the early 1990s. Her expertise includes international women’s rights mechanisms, reproductive rights and gender mainstreaming.