Vocational education, labour market and gender 1

An important area of ​​our activities is to conduct a research based on the interviews to understand the problem and on the statistical data to estimate its scale. The research work focused on the economic situation of various groups of women experiencing discrimination on the labor market. The results of the research were the starting point for developing an advocacy strategy for improving the status of women.

Analyzing the statistical data on the impact of introducing a free market economy on the situation of women in 2003 we observed  a deterioration of the situation of women in the labor market (a significant increase in unemployment (over 20%)), a drastic deepening of the gap between different groups of women and elimination of the poorest with the lowest education from the labor market. That is why our research focused on those groups that lost the most in political and economic transformation. The research focused on the working conditions of women in the clothing industry (2005), supermarkets (2008), and the electronics industry (2009). In 2015, we turned to the issue of vocational education and the labor market for women with vocational education. We examined the barriers to women’s access to professions and analyzed the statistical data on disproportions between women’s and men’s earnings. We also carried out an analysis regarding the horizontal segregation of women and men in the labor market and its’ consequences for women (2017).