This is a report on sportswear industry in Poland  based on data and interviews with producers, workers, consumers, unionists and sportswear market specialists which were conducted by KARAT Coalition in 2007.

Publication illustrates the situation of Polish sportswear industry as a whole and the working conditions of women in this branch, in particular. For the first time in Poland the report provides the results of the research on awareness of Polish consumers on the social costs of sportswear production, their motivations for purchasing and their approach to consumers campaigns for better working conditions in garment industry.

The report was as a part of the project “Mobilizing for a sectoral programme of work for social quality management in the sporting goods industry” (“Fair Play in Sporting Goods Production” ) implemented by KARAT as one of partner organizations.

Published by KARAT, 2007

Download the report in English “Fair Play- always in fashion! Consumers’ awareness and working conditions of women in sporting goods industry”

The report is available also in Polish HERE