Migration & Refugee in the Women’s Experience
Karat runs the activities for women refugees and migrants who have come to the EU countries in search of safety and work. Currently two projects are being implemented in this area – “The Europe we want?…
Vocational education, labour market and gender
Since 2015 Karat Coalition has focused on the issue of vocational education for girls and their situation on the labour market. Within the framework of national and international initiatives two comprehensive reports, analyzes and presentations were…
Learn about the CEDAW Convention and Optional Protocol
We invite you to our new website dedicated to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and the Optional Protocol to the Convention. You will find information about the CEDAW Convention…
CAMPAIGN! You can be whoever you want! The profession has no gender
The labour market in Poland is facing the challenge of growing demand for the graduates of vocational schools who are highly qualified in both traditional and advanced technologies. Using the potential of girls by encouraging them…

Publication “The Europe we want? Feminist approaches to gender, migration, and democracy“

28 November 2018

Publication “The Europe we want? Feminist approaches to gender, migration, and democracy“ discusses issues around gender and migration in Europe, with a special focus on challenges in Spain, Austria, Poland, Belgium and Sweden. It is the result of a two years project supported through the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, and it is meant to serve as a resource for adult educators and the interested public.

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“Being a migrant woman in Poland” conference

16 September 2018

What is the current situation of migrant women on the labour market in Poland?  What are the main challenges for migrant women who are or plan to be mothers in Poland? How are the needs of migrant women addressed by local governments and integration policies of the major cities’ councils? Invited experts, mostly migrant women, answers for these and many more questions during The “Being a migrant women” conference which took place on 20th September.

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Looking for a perfect job? Join our training!

13 March 2018

In cooperation with a Club of Ukrainian Women we invite you to a training “How to find perfect of job?”. During the training we will present you a situation of job market in Poland, strategies in finding job, self presentation and gender stereotypes. Participants also will be invited to create a map of their competences and a disscusion about reacting to acts of discrimination.

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Women migrants and refugees learn how to be an activist

24 January 2018

On January 20, in cooperation with the Ukrainian House in Warsaw Karat organized a workshop for the female activists . The women migrants and refugees talked about their work and interests, and learned the tips on how to be a successful activist. Lucyna Dąbrowska from Gender Lviv and Anna Tomaszewska from Democracy Action shared their experiences.

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I've chosen what I like and I'm well paid!
I don't know who I become when I grow up. But I know that I can be whoever I want!