Governance and Staff

KARAT is a Coalition of 63 CSOs and 12 individuals from 27 countries (January 2018). The Secretariat of the Coalition is based in Warsaw. KARAT’s main bodies are: the General Assembly, the International Board, the Advisory Body and the Polish (Registered) Board

The Karat Coalition is a registered association in Poland that coordinates the activities of the regional coalition of the same name in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Polish board is composed of persons of Polish nationality and is responsible for representing the Karat in Polish offices and courts. It is responsible for the actions and finances of the Association.

The International board is informal body, and in align with the Statute approved by Karat’s member organizations from Central and Eastern Europe, it is the body that sets out the strategy of the regional coalition.

More information about the structure, mechanisms and functioning of KARAT can be found in the International Statute and Polish Registered Statute.