On September 19 the “Save the Women 2017” Committee has announced that it has already collected the required 100 000 signatures. It means that the civic bill on Women’s Rights and Conscious Parenting  can be submitted to be discussed and voted by the Polish Parliament.

The civic bill on Women’s Rights and Conscious Parenting restores women’s dignity and provides a sense of security. Key issues include:

  • restoring  the reproductive rights, including the woman’s right to legal abortion until the end of the 12th week of pregnancy
  • introducing the sex education into the schools
  • providing free and easy access to contraceptives
  • restoring the emergency contraception on demand;
  • regulation of the use of conscience clause by gynecologists.

The collection of signatures supporting the bill “Save the Women 2017”  is a grassroot initiative. Since the beginning of August 2017 the hundreds of volunteers have been collecting the signatures on the streets of Polish cities. There has been a growing interest in the initiative.  The initiative is a response to the continous attempts of so called “defenders of conceived life” to introduce the total ban on abortion. The threat is more real than ever before as the rulling political party shows its support for limiting the reproductive rights of women in Poland.

Karat Coalition supports the “Save the Women 2017” initiative.