“FairPlay – Empowering Women in Changing Societies” was KARAT magazine published in English by Bulgarian organization Women’s Alliance for Development (WAD) – a KARAT’s member. It was a regional magazine on women’s rights and situation of women in Central and Eastern Europe.

In total 9 issues were published in years 2000 -2005.  Every issue covers a different topic.

Fair Play No 1/2000: Beijing+5

Fair Play No 2/2000: Women and Economy

Fair Play No 1/2001: Women and Governence

Fair Play No 2/2001: Women and Health

Fair Play No 3/2001: Violence

Fair Play No 1/2002: Peace and War

Fair Play No 2/2002: Globalization

Fair Play No 3/2002: Diversity

Fair Play No 1/ 2005:  Labour Market, Job, Business. Overcoming Gender Stereotypes