In fifteen years of its work in a field of women’s rights, women’s economic justice, and gender and development KARAT has issued almost sixty publications, made three movies, created photobank and organized photo exhibitions.

The majority of publications such as reports, guides, toolkits, case studies, infosheets, brochures, briefings and leaflets are published in English. Some are available in Polish or Russian and few in other languages of the countries in Central and Eastern Europe (Albanian, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungrian, Macedonian, Moldavian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Ukrainian).

Most of the publications were prepared within the projects implemented by KARAT with the partners from other countries or within the cooperation with other organizations. Some are the translations made by KARAT of already existed publications or international documents. KARAT has also produced three youtube movies in English and organized photo competition in Central Eastern Europe and Central Asia to create the photo bank and organize dozen of exhibitions in six countries in the European Union.

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