HLF4 on Aid Effectiveness in Busan

Advocacy campaign for gender equality in development aid in relation to the 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan in 2011

What were the objectives of the activity:

The objective of KARAT’s involvement in HLF4 was to provide gender perspective input to the development effectiveness dialogue and planning of the future development cooperation agenda.

How were we working:

The involvement of KARAT Coalition in the Bussan HLF4 included preparation for the event and the actual participation in the event.

KARAT has participated in the preparation process on two levels:  international and national (Polish).

On the international level the representatives of KARAT Coalition and KARAT Secretariat took part in consultation meeting in June 2011 in Brussels, Belgium.

On national level – KARAT’s representative took part in consultation process on the road to Busan in Poland, which was particularly important because of Polish Presidency in EU Council in 2011. The representative of KARAT Secretariat took active part in consultation process between Zagranica Group  (Polish platform of CONCORD) and Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development Cooperation Department. During the preparatory sessions KARAT was responsible for highlighting gender issues in development effectiveness agenda. As a consequence the representative of KARAT Secretariat was present on HLF4 as a member of governmental delegation.

The Busan HLF4 was attended by the KARAT members from the Forum of Women NGOs of Kyrgyzstan, Gender Education, Research and Technologies Foundation (Bulgaria) and representatives of KARAT Secretariat.

The CSOs’ demands and expectations towards HLF4 were formulated during the Busan Civil Society Forum (BSCF) which took place just before HLF4. There, the women’s organizations from across the world, including KARAT, signed the Busan Women’s Forum Political Statement. This common voice of women called on all governments and other development actors involved in the HLF4 to include the women’s rights and gender equality perspective in a new development cooperation framework. A position of the CSOs was clearly expressed by the sentence “Put Women’s Rights at the Center of Development” on the pink scarves worn by the BSCF participants. Unfortunately, the key players of the HLF4 (e.g. China) were not inclined to abandon their countries’ interests to the human and women’s rights commitments.

In 2012 KARAT will focus on follow up the Busan commitments and lobbying for implementing them on national level (especially in EU NMS).


• Better Aid Statement on the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation

• Better Aid position on the proposed Busan Joint Action Plan on Gender Equality and Development

• Civil society statement to the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness