The Karat Coalition has been working to promote women in traditionally men dominated occupations since 2014. Our current initiatives are:

  • the steps taken to include female gramatical forms in the names of professions. Karat’s research shows that the lack of female forms aggravates stereotypes about occupations “suitable” for women and men. The initiative is supported by the Polish Teachers’ Union (ZNP). A joint proposal has benn submitted to the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy and the Ministry of Education calling for including the female endings in the names of professions.


  • calling on the entrepreneurs to join the campaign aimed at the girls in schools and working women. The campaign will encourage the girls and women to choose “male” jobs that are currently in high demand on the labor market. In  a leaflet “You can be whoever you want to be” we explain what a gender segregation in the labor market means, why it bears the negative consequences for women and entrepreneurs, as well as an outline of the campaign “You can be whoever you want to be”.

This initiative is run in cooperation with the Gender Equality Observatory

The research conducted by Karat in 2015 showed a huge scale of the gender based horizontal segregation on the labuor market and in vocational education in Poland. Girls and boys in vocational schools choose different paths of education, and the women’s professional choices differ from the men’s ones.  This is due to a deeply rooted  in society the gender-based stereotypes about occupations appropriate for women and men. As a consequence, the strongly feminized professions are paid much less than those dominated by men, and they are also given a lower social prestige.

This project is financed by Batory Foundation within the program “Counteracting discrimination”