Migration & Refugee in the Women’s Experience
Karat runs the activities for women refugees and migrants who have come to the EU countries in search of safety and work. Currently two projects are being implemented in this area – “The Europe we want?…
Vocational education, labour market and gender
Since 2015 Karat Coalition has focused on the issue of vocational education for girls and their situation on the labour market. Within the framework of national and international initiatives two comprehensive reports, analyzes and presentations were…
Learn about the CEDAW Convention and Optional Protocol
We invite you to our new website dedicated to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and the Optional Protocol to the Convention. You will find information about the CEDAW Convention…
CAMPAIGN! You can be whoever you want! The profession has no gender
The labour market in Poland is facing the challenge of growing demand for the graduates of vocational schools who are highly qualified in both traditional and advanced technologies. Using the potential of girls by encouraging them…

Alternative follow-up information of CEDAW Coalition of Polish NGOs.

6 May 2017

The alternative follow-up information of the CEDAW Coalition of Polish NGOs has been already published on the website of the CEDAW Committe. The information presents the steps taken to implement the recomendations indicated in Concluding Observations on the 7th and 8th periodic reports of Poland. The Concluding Obeservations were issued for Poland in November 2014. 

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Launching a new project on women migrants and refugees

19 March 2017

In March 2017 Karat Coalition launched a new project „Women’s Empowerment, Integration and Participation” in cooperation with the Latin American Women’s Rights Service (Great Britain ),  Red Acoge (Spain) and Differenza Donna (Italy). The project is aimed at improving the social and professional situation of women migrants and refugees in four countries. The project takes into consideration frequently overlooked or ignored fact that gender often becomes important, apart from being a foreigner,  ground for discrimination of women migrants and refugees. The project is co-financed by the „Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of EU”.

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Implementation of the CEDAW Committee’s recommendations for Poland. Report.

16 June 2016

The report on monitoring how Poland implements the CEDAW Convention was presented at the press conference in May 31, 2016. The report is a result of a several-months work of the CEDAW Coalition of Polish NGOs. The report was produced within the project „CEDAW – a tool for combating discrimination”. The report is available in Polish  „Raport. Wdrażanie zaleceń Komitetu ds. Likwidacji Dyskryminacji Kobiet zawartych w Uwagach końcowych w sprawie połączonego siódmego i ósmego sprawozdania okresowego Polski”

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