Countreacting Horizontal Segregation

Karat in cooperation with three organizations from the Visegrad Group countries developed the policy paper for the decision makers presenting the problem of horizontal segregation of girls in vocational education and women with vocational education on the labor market. We formulated the short and long-term recommendations aiming at combating the gender stereotypes in professions as well as increasing the number of girls in occupations traditionally dominated by boys.

The policy paper  was based on the analysis of  statistical data carried out by the organizations participating in the project in their countries. The result of the data analysis in Poland is the information material “Horizontal segregation of women and men on the labor market. Showing the phenomenon from a perspective of the statistics and researches conducted by the Karat Coalition “.

The advocacy activities were carried on within the international project “Girls can do it! Supporting nontraditional career choices of women with vocational education”.