The NGOs’ Committee was an informal group working as a platform for NGOs and non-union persons’ cooperation. The Committee worked for gender equality promoting the ideas of the 4th International Conference on Women and it’s final document titled “Platform for Action”. It was established in November 15, 1994 by the representatives of 11 organizations and non-union persons. In February 12, 1998 it became the Association for Gender Equality – Beijing 95′ (registered April 24, 1998).


The Committee’s work:

  • Participation in the 4th International Conference on Women in Beijing, September 1995: 27 women members of the Committee.
  • Organizing 3 Polish conferences: “The Polish Preparatory Conference for the 4th International Conference on Women”, Warsaw, July 1995; “Beijing 1995 and What Next”, Warsaw, March 1996; “Women, Ecology and New Patterns of Consumption”, Warsaw, March 1997.
  • Series of conferences organized in Polish cities: “Women’s Post-Beijing Meetings”, “Capitalism in Women’s Hands”, “Violence in family”.
  • International conference „Working Meeting of Central and Eastern Europe Women”, Warsaw, January 1997


NGOs’ Committee’s Publications:


Audio-visual materials:

  • Report 96′. The equal status of women and men. The TV program made by “Press & Film” commissioned by NGOs’ Committee, Warsaw 1997.


Administration and finances:

The NGO’s Committee being an informal group implemented its projects via the following organizations:

  • The Center of Women’s Promotion: UNDP: “Report on the situation of women in Poland”, „Five steps towards Beijing –Preparation process of Polish women’s NGOs for the Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing 1995”; Ford Foundation
  • OŚKA