Promoting Social Development: Building Capacities of Social Watch Coalitions (2008 – 2010)

Social Watch (SW) is an international network of citizen’s organizations struggling for social, economic and gender justice. The project Promoting Social Development: Building Capacities of Social Watch Coalitions was implemented in Czech Republic, Italy and Poland in years 2008 – 2010.

What were the effects of the project:

Due to the activities within this initiative the partner organizations  developed a  national Social Watch Coalition in Poland, Italy and Czech Republic to monitor and advocate for social development and gender equality on both: national and European levels.

How were we working:

KARAT’s role in the project was to mobilize civil society organizations in Poland to build national Social Watch Coalition. KARAT also coordinated the production of annual national Social Watch reports and daily functioning of the coalition. In the later stages of the project KARAT’s role as coordinator of the Coalition was passed to Campaign Against Homophobia.


• Czas na prawa Polish Social Watch Report 2008

• Rozwój społeczny Polish Social Watch Report 2009

• Gender Equality Index 2008


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The project was co-financed by:
 European Commission


 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands