Gender & Development

Why do we do it

As the members of KARAT Coalition come from the developing countries as well as the new donor countries – EU New Member States (NMS) the development issues have naturally found their place among the KARAT’s priorities.

While promoting gender equality and women’s rights in development cooperation KARAT places an emphasis on the needs of women from the developing countries, especially countries from the Region as these are often overlooked in the context of development targeting ‘traditional’ developing courtries (in the development jargon known as the ‘South’). We strive to link the development perspectives of women from the East, North and South.

KARAT also sees the need to work in new EU donor countries to ensure that the development policies and programs that are implemented by their government agencies and CSOs are gender-sensitive and gender-responsive.
Our programmes’ activities focus on economic and social situation of women including poverty reduction and decent work, women’s human rights, and capacity building and networking of women’s organizations in the developing countries of the Region.


What do we want to achieve

  • To ensure that the development cooperation policies and programs of NMS effectively address the issues of gender equality and women’s empowerment.
  • To make the voice of women from developing countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia heard in the global debate on development and their problems recognized in the development cooperation.
  • To increase the gender awareness of development CSOs in the Region as well as involve the women’s organization in development cooperation.


How do we do it

This programme is implemented through:

  • advocacy for gender- sensitive development cooperation on national and international levels: consultations, advocacy meetings, cooperation with global development and women’s networks, involvement of KARAT members from NMS in the national NGDO’s platforms.
  • awareness raising on gender equality and women’s rights in development: publications, workshops, public events, discussions, exhibitions, movie screenings, cooperation with media.
  • expertise and capacity building on gender in development: research, publications, capacity building workshops for CSOs (incl. women’s organizations) in donor and in developing countries.
  •  gender and development projects in developing countries of the Region focused on organizational capacity building, networking and decent work issues (planned)


Main activities/projects:


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